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Aloha, 'O Francesca ko'u inoa, no Kane'ohe mai au, aka noho au i Makakilo.

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It all started when...

I was a young girl in my grandma's beautiful Makakilo garden. Dancing in the sun, sprinkling flowers in the garden singing "Colors of the Wind".   My love for  nature was nurtured by both my grandmother and my parents.  Grandma first taught me organic practices by having me throw egg shells in her garden and how to grow plants using the scales and parts of the fish she cleaned and cooked. My father taught me how to recycle,  the importance of each living thing including the rocks and the wind, and how to respect life. My mother furthered my gardening skills from grandma at home. 


 It was through my 10 years of dancing Tahitian where I learned how to work with the plants that I loved. Competitively dancing and teaching I learned to be creative on the fly and how to create costumes using what nature provides. 


When I make my pieces i put my mana in them...


There's beauty in the growth stage of a plant. From when it first buds, to when its leaves turn chocolate gold as it sheds. Each plant is different.

Some attain characteristics like scars, and marking from their growth spurt, the sun, of from a soil deficiency These create unique patterns on the outside.

Just as I enjoy my hair put together or brushed out, makeup on or makeup off. Even mixing the natural and polished look. It's different looks both as beautiful as the other.

The same is for each plant I choose, for each piece I make. Whether a clean cut green leaf, to one browning at the tips, I appreciate its beauty.

And that's how I see you...


When I make things I think of you.

It's intentional, there may be things you may not even see in yourself, but I make my pieces to bring out in you what is already there. And I don't even have to see you, I feel your spirit before I meet you. I create feeling through my art.

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And I love the reaction I get when people put my pieces on whether it's being proud, feeling handsome, or confident, it's beautiful!

When I make floral art I leave my mana... And you wear the mana of each tree, flower, shrub, the earth it came from and beyond...

It is deep...

It's floral couture as individual as you!

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Aloha, Cheka